Unbutton your shirt,

Slowly; tease me.

Unbutton my blouse,

While you look in my eyes.

Unbutton your flies,

Let me feel how much you want me.

Unbutton my jeans,

And slide them down my legs.


Unhook my bra,

Put your hands on my breasts.

Caress their silken flesh

And pinch their rosy tips.

Suck on my tongue,

Make my tastebuds tingle.

Let the luscious, tangy taste of you

pervade my eager mouth.


Bite on my neck,

Sink your teeth into me,

Lick the skin of my throat,

Leave your bruise on my nape.

Slide your hand up my thigh,

Trace circles on my flesh

Ease your fingers inside me,

And bring me sweet bliss.


Press hard against me,

Pin my arms to the floor.

Move your body on mine,

And enter my sex.

Thrust slow and deep,

Let me feel you within me

Whisper my name

And say that you love me. πŸ’–

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