The smell of your skin,

your heady cologne,

aroma of your shampoo

and the trace of your soap,

combine with your essence,

the perfume of your pheromones

And I am left gasping, inhaling your scent.

4 thoughts on “Pheromone

  1. There’s something to be said about the sense of smell. how inhaling a certain scent, or even a combination of scents on a lover’s skin, can cause desire to flare up.

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    1. Absolutely. And the power of scent is that it becomes inextricably linked to memory, so just catching a whiff of the perfume or cologne a lover used to wear can trigger a flood of memories and physical reactions that are as powerful (if not more so) as those elicited by sight, sound, touch. And, yes, there is something primal in the way we react to the pheromones of a potential mate, animal attraction in the most literal of senses. 🐺

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