Ace of Wands


Thrumming and throbbing, the Wand vibrated against my mound as I used my free hand to grasp at my breast, kneading the flesh and pinching the nipple into a rosy, puckering peak. Goosebumps pimpled the circumference of the areola, the skin pulling taut and tense.

Pinwheels of iridescent light dancing behind closed eyelids, I drew the Wand down towards my vulva. I ran the helmet vertically up the left side of my cunt, letting the vibrations tease and tickle my labia; now horizontally across the wishbone opening of my slit, cresting lightly over my swollen clitoris; now trailing down the glistening wet lips on the right-hand side of my drooling nether mouth. I felt the viscous liquid of my arousal bubbling like hot magma from my engorged cleft, and groaned.

With a firmer hand now, I pressed the toy’s rounded head flat against the folds of flesh that enveloped my pulsating clit, and the sensitive little marble jumped and twitched urgently as electric currents of pleasure surged through the nerve endings. I rubbed wide, rhythmic circles around the nub, and with each sweep of the Wand, the damp, pink petals of my pussy lips undulated and rippled, velvet curtains being drawn open again and again.

Savouring the sensation of the moist wet folds unflowering to bare my restless pebble, I increased the speed of my strokes, and slid the hand that had been plucking feverishly at my stiff, enflamed nipples along my rib cage, over my trembling belly, and down to my hungry cunt. I teased the opening with trembling fingers, slicking them with the liquids of my lust, then plunged them briskly in, out, in, out, in, out, deep inside, as far as my reach would allow. My finger-tips grazed my g-spot with every stab of my sodden, thrusting digits while the Wand hummed against my clitoris. I writhed and arched, hips rolling and grinding as the sweet pressure grew.

I felt the wave of my orgasm cresting, heavy pulses reverberating out from my very centre. I ceased the rapid circling motion of the Wand to hold it still and focussed directly over my now-screaming clit, and came hard with a violent, ecstatic shudder.

My pussy gushed, rivers of molten lava erupting from its dark recesses and spilling over my fingers, down the cleft of my bottom, soaking into the thick towel on which I lay. I held my breath tight as the sensations coursed through me, my eyes squeezed shut and tongue pressed hard against the roof of my mouth to keep myself from screaming.

In a lightning flash, the pleasure became painful, and I had to pull the Wand away from my over-stimulated nub. I continued to fuck myself with my fingers, though, but slowly now, almost reverently. I ran the thumb over the damp tendrils of hair that sprouted from my pouting labia, with gentle and loving caresses.

When the anvil-hammer pounding of my climax ebbed, I drew my fingers out of my cunt and cupped my mound with the palm of my hand briefly, before raising the slicked and shaking digits to my lips. I smeared my mouth with my juices, lapping slowly and wantonly at my hand as the tremors subsided, the Ace of Wands lying silently, smugly, beside my twitching thigh.

Masturbation Monday

19 thoughts on “Ace of Wands

  1. The imagery, and metaphors, you used throughout this is a thing of beauty. It elevated this to much more than a description of self-pleasure. For example, using the line “Savouring the sensation of the moist wet folds unflowering to bare my restless pebble” paints an image of petals unfolding. Beautifully done.

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      1. You’re welcome. Sometimes it is hard to capture erotica in a way that doesn’t play out to be just…porn. What sets it apart is the imagery used to paint the picture. So, when I see it, I appreciate it for what it is. Art.

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  2. The way you phrase things just so. You take what amateurs say, sloppy and untoward, and you make the words beautiful. You give the word “cunt” beauty and not just tawdry filth. I’m a new fan! You inspire me because I’ve always wanted to write erotica with a the same kind of soft edginess that you have. It’s mesmerizing! Dazzling! My erotica is still tentative, not quite as much filth in it as I’d like. But you inspire me to go deeper.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words! 💖 I am deeply flattered, and feel incredibly honoured that something I have written should inspire anyone.
      In my initial sojourn into your blog (a journey I look forward to continuing shortly), I have already found much that I admire. That I might inspire you in the creation of your own art is a huge compliment to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart 💖🙏💋

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      1. A beautiful and kind response. You’re wonderful. I go by “K” or JM, whichever. I look forward to blogging with you and whenever my erotica whimsies strike, I’ll give you a shout out. Glad to meet you! 🌹💋❤️

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    1. Thanks. I’ve just been admiring your kinkaversary post. You look fantastic in the rope. Intrigued by the idea of the medical staple gun. I’d like to give that a try!


  3. This was really beautifully written. Your way with words is amazing. You make a few moments of ecstasy sound like heaven on earth.

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