May is International Masturbation Month

It’s no longer the taboo it once was, yet many of us are still a bit embarrassed when it comes to self-love. Why should this be? Through erotic self-touch we navigate our own sensuality, our own sexual pleasure, our own bliss. We learn what makes us feel good. We realise the potent power of ecstatic joy. We discover that we can own our own pleasure, and that our true sexual self need not be reliant on other people.

So, this International Masturbation Month, put any feelings of shame or embarrassment aside, and become the best lover you ever had.

“We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation”. Lily Tomlin


4 thoughts on “May is International Masturbation Month

      1. Yes it certainly is. Let me say this though. I was never able to open up like that before I met my best friend and being guy now. Only with him did my inner beast come out!

        I could not do it with anyone else but he certainly did unleash a naughty freak in me LoL 😀 at 51 years old I may add. I’m 55 now and we are still as hot for each other today as we were then!
        Check out my blog please!

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